Alexi Salvatore A forgotten Salvatore sister

Alexi Salvatore A forgotten Salvatore sister

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Imagine if Stefan and Damon Salvatore had a sister that everyone has no clue existed. 

Alexi Salvatore use to be a sweet young and inisent girl until a young women called Kathernie Perice came along she changed all three of the siblings life. 

The reason no one has heard of Alexi Salvatore is because once she became a vampire Kathernie took her away from her brothers so she wouldn't be alone for ever. 

well that's what she thinks until Alexi decied to take a little day trip to her home town where she once grew up. 

This book starts in season three of the vampire diaries but I will not all be the same as the episodes.

Venom_Wolfie Venom_Wolfie Apr 25, 2017
It's Aria not Arielle let's turn this yo a pll fandom😁😏😏
Rarestrose3 Rarestrose3 Oct 23, 2017
Why did you write the dialogue like this? It's weird. I'm sorry if I would rude. I'm just genuinely curious.
GeorgieGryffindor GeorgieGryffindor Jul 15, 2017
Yay! The stories I usually read is that the main character LOATHES Katherine for turning them into "monsters".
gothgirl928 gothgirl928 Aug 06, 2016
Ok so the author did put a question mark bug deal your probably making her feel bad for saying thease things jeez
Awesomepossumlexi Awesomepossumlexi Feb 19, 2016
TheOthxrSxde TheOthxrSxde Jul 30, 2015
lol I know this is totally random but am I the only one that wants to see a Salvatore sibling story where they occasionally speak Italian to each other