The Wayward Mate

The Wayward Mate

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They say one mistake can change your life; I’d never realised how true this was until it applied to me.

I live in a world filled with violence, grief and death; a world where one wrong move, one mistake will get me and my family killed. I am the most wanted person in the Werewolf world. Why? I kill for a living, tearing families apart, exterminating whole packs, killing mates, destroying trust and hurting anyone who happens to land on Rieker’s radar. 

I’ve been in this game for seven hundred years; albeit unwillingly. And over time, I had developed a taste for blood, the feel of sinking a knife into my targets, the smell of their fear; it was all part of the hunt and I could no longer blame Rieker for my sins. Hunting has become as much part of me as being a werewolf.

Unfortunately, my time of destruction is coming to a close and the hunter is about to become the hunted. The problem for them is that if I don’t wish to be found; I won't be, at least not until my latest mission proves to be my downfall. 
It only takes one careful wolf for me to get caught and soon one mistake turns into a world of trouble.

One that may end in my demise.

*Book one of The Mate Chronicles.*

Cover made by IsaSecret.

  • action
  • assassin
  • death
  • fighting
  • hate
  • hunters
  • packs
  • pain
  • revenge
  • shifter
  • training
  • war
ROCKREADER1001 ROCKREADER1001 Mar 11, 2017
The jutsu's looked like anime names at first glance when i didn't really read them
That is disgusting not only would I want revenge but it would be worse than he ever did
FuuzySocks FuuzySocks Apr 09
I honestly don't even know what to say.......this's been through so I totally understand where shes coming from....
ROCKREADER1001 ROCKREADER1001 Mar 11, 2017
You could tell Author knows their stuff! And when i read mercenary, i though of Deadpool
This makes me think that they lied because he escaped  but they don't want to tell her to hurt her even more but maybe that's just wishful thinking on my part...
FuuzySocks FuuzySocks Apr 09
yesssss....I honestly dont really care that she took away a bunch of peoples lives