The Wayward Mate

The Wayward Mate

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They say one mistake can change your life; I’d never realised how true this was until it applied to me.

I live in a world filled with violence, grief and death; a world where one wrong move, one mistake will get me and my family killed. I am the most wanted person in the Werewolf world. Why? I kill for a living, tearing families apart, exterminating whole packs, killing mates, destroying trust and hurting anyone who happens to land on Rieker’s radar. 

I’ve been in this game for seven hundred years; albeit unwillingly. And over time, I had developed a taste for blood, the feel of sinking a knife into my targets, the smell of their fear; it was all part of the hunt and I could no longer blame Rieker for my sins. Hunting has become as much part of me as being a werewolf.

Unfortunately, my time of destruction is coming to a close and the hunter is about to become the hunted. The problem for them is that if I don’t wish to be found; I won't be, at least not until my latest mission proves to be my downfall. 
It only takes one careful wolf for me to get caught and soon one mistake turns into a world of trouble.

One that may end in my demise.

*Book one of The Mate Chronicles.*

Cover made by IsaSecret.

  • assassin
  • death
  • fighting
  • hate
  • hunters
  • packs
  • pain
  • revenge
  • shifter
  • training
  • war
ROCKREADER1001 ROCKREADER1001 Mar 11, 2017
The jutsu's looked like anime names at first glance when i didn't really read them
ROCKREADER1001 ROCKREADER1001 Mar 11, 2017
You could tell Author knows their stuff! And when i read mercenary, i though of Deadpool
-effete- -effete- May 22, 2017
I discovered this book through another book... Like after I read that other book the author suggested that us readers read this because it's a good book.. can't remember which book that was tho.. been looking for it
Crystal-_-Clear Crystal-_-Clear Jan 03, 2017
When people first threaten me, I consider listening. But if they actually do something, then I don't even think about it.
mommawolff mommawolff Jan 03, 2017
She should have offed the fool that IS in charge of it all she had the chance
Ace_Acton Ace_Acton Aug 15, 2016
So far I've only mastered some of the jutsu's. Sleepjutsu, Eatjutsu, and Wattpadjutsu are my favorites.