Why: I Hate Jelsa

Why: I Hate Jelsa

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Luna Carletti By Stressed-Desserts Updated Jul 31, 2016

In the beginning. There was Jackunzel. And Jackunzel Shippers loved Jack and Rapunzel together. Then Came Frozen. Jackunzel shippers left and became Jelsa Fans. Jelsa Rose and Rose to the point that the few Faithful Jackunzel Shippers that still Remained were hated on because they had the right to Ship what they please.

Jelsa was Cruel to Jackunzel like The Evil Queen to Snow White from OUAT.

Like Voldemort to Muggleborns.

Like Salt to Snails.

But we Jackunzel Shippers still stand Strong. Filled with Hope that Frozen two will really happen. And that Delsa will come. Hoping and Praying... 

We will stand strong. And you Jelsa shippers will NEVER defeat Good. Good always wins. It may take a while, But we will win. We have the CEO of Dreamworks on our side. Who do you have? A bunch of 10 year old's? HA! 

Anyway, This Book is Purely Dedicated to showing the Reasons I hate Jelsa. Not just the Shippers. but Jelsa itself.


FallenCrownOfSpades FallenCrownOfSpades Oct 27, 2016
Uh...at the end of Tangled, Rapunzel marries Eugene...and people still ship Jackunzel... I'm kind of confused over that.
                              But I'm not offended because I ship neither
XSnow-QueenX XSnow-QueenX Nov 06, 2016
To be honest Jelsa is really just a ship just like Jackunzel I really don't see why this is necessary? People should just ship what they want and like get over other ships if a book is about jackunzel and you like Jelsa don't read it it's common sense!
JustJaeah JustJaeah Jan 05
I honestly hate these ships. Like two different universes combined to make these stupid cancerous ships
LovelyPleasures LovelyPleasures Nov 02, 2016
JACKUNZEL WILL RISE! Anyway what does Delsa means? And I kinda hope that Helsa happens for Jelsa shippers to shut the hell up LOL XD
xLifescape_0709x xLifescape_0709x Oct 06, 2016
I agree with this, I don't really ship Jackunzel but I loathe Jelsa too, and I used to be a huge fan a couple years ago, maybe it's when you start seeing love in a deeper form that you realize it isn't a good pairing.
MissMiraculous MissMiraculous 4 days ago
It's funny how you say JELSA shippers are practically bad and yet here you are, making a book HATING on Jelsa. That does NOT make you good.