Elsword: Yin Yang (Under Major Revision)

Elsword: Yin Yang (Under Major Revision)

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Cosine Senpai By StarlightShaymin Completed

"I've lost everything, my home, my parents, and my brother is missing. All I have left is this spear, my mother's necklace, and an old hair pin."

Ara Haan is a strong and reckless girl. On the outside she is a tough and merciless opponent, on the inside she is a scared little girl who has just witnessed the murder of her family during a demon invasion - Ara is determined to avenge their death. Still many questions emerge from Ara's head, such as how did she ever survive back then? What is with that strange voice whispering in her head; and where is her brother - the only one who wasn't present in the village during the attack? These answers will soon be revealed as Ara - along with her new found friends - embark on a dangerous quest throughout Elrois, uncovering the mysteries and dark secrets which lay in the heart of their homeland. Dark forces will be watching closely as our heroes dig deep into each mystery. 

This is a story of loss, betrayal, maturity, love, darkness, and light - Yin and Yang.

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- - Jul 01, 2016
What pairings are in the story other than Chung x Ara? Just want to know before I go deeper XD
Mel0nLord Mel0nLord Feb 12, 2017
😭 The things you notice when you reread a book(for like the third time). It's so sad!😭