RUN GIRL RUN (Werewolf Alpha Romance)

RUN GIRL RUN (Werewolf Alpha Romance)

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HisBonnyLass By HisBonnyLass Updated Oct 30, 2016

Thaddeus Tristan Reuben Knight-Shadow, Thaddeus to those who have the privilege, is cold, dark and relentless. He's possessive and protective of what's his by right but also claim. So he is not pleased when what was made for him has been taken by a Rogue. Thaddeus is history's youngest Alpha at twenty-six to posses so much sovereignty, hence he doesn't take any issue lightly, therefore any threats toward what's his will be repaid with death. But how will he protect his mate from death at every turn, and avoid imprisoning her like her previous life after her constant attempts to RUN. Knight-Shadow must protect his livelihood and Pack from the savages after what's his in an attempt to weaken the Alpha and make Lillibelle see he has a heart but it resides with hers.

Lillibelle Evangeline Roux  has felt depressed and isolated since the day her mother left her on her seventh birthday. Now eighteen, Lillibelle is abused and poor, living with her useless drunk of a father. When Lillibelle breaks away from her old life, her new one is not her's anymore as she's told, and it means she will live out off her quiet, safe human world forever. How will she deal with everything that's thrown at her? But when Lillibelle finds predestined love, does anything else matter, and can she get the Big Bad Wolf to love her and melt the ice encasing his heart? Or will she continue to RUN?


"...the moon had blessed her with half its beauty..."
                              I like that. Very nice. Thank you, also, for making no mistakes on it's and its. I get it; it can be tricky for some people [I don't want to be rude], but it still bothers me sometimes. Very, very excellent job!
exquisitelybeautiful exquisitelybeautiful Jul 06, 2016
This is so good. The descriptions are amazing!
                              Hope you continue writing.
WerewolfLover_ WerewolfLover_ Jul 17, 2015
I'! This is so beautifully written. Great job, keep going!
HisBonnyLass HisBonnyLass Jul 15, 2015
Hello, is anyone there? No? Oh well, if i Do get any readers, please comment and tell me what you like and don't like about the beginning of this book. Thankyou. Next chapter coming coming very soon.