Lost And Found

Lost And Found

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“Are you jealous?” I asked him, trying to contain my smirk.
“No.” He whispered looking down, his face going a little red now and I couldn’t hold my smirk in any longer. “You are jealous.” I told him, fully smirking now. 

Now he looked back up, “So what if I’m jealous? Like you weren’t jealous of me the first night we came here.” He retorted. I was getting angry now.

“Well, obviously I’m jealous of you. I like you.” I said then covered my mouth with both of my hands. Did I just say that out loud?
Lost in the middle of the jungle and low on resources. 
The only thing they can find: Love, lions, tribes and so much more.
Give or take a few troubles on the way.

  • humor
  • jungle
  • lion
  • love
  • tribe