High School Drama (In the Middle of Editing!)

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Welcome to the world of Kaylen. Filled with Drama. Never ending drama. Will it ever really stop? Who knows. (This story is now in the middle of editing, so please stand by (: )
I love it.. May I edit it.. or send in my corrections to improve the word usage!
It has a good plot but its really difficult to tell since there are a lot of spelling mistakes and some paragraphs are just ginormous blocks. And when there's dialogue the "" things get me confused cause I have no idea what and who's supposed to be talking.....
Hey so i got the message you left me to read your story and im glad i did. thanks for letting me know, im always down for reading another story lol. I like where its going, but like everyone else said on here, you should try to fix the spelling and grammer, other then that its really good. <3
I agree with slurpeeluvr and I love how your story is going so far keep writing :D
hey,your book is ok,could use some help with the spellings though :)
awesurrm yh i made da tym 2 read it n its so totally cool n dah so yeah! KEEP WRITING!!!