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"It's like if Satan touched an angel...he's still going to be the dangerous fiery guy and I'll always be the angel, just a little more burnt each time. And one day, eventually there will be nothing left but ashes."

"When's that day?" 

"It already passed." 

[Accomplishments- #1 in Teen Fiction]

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They goals but like i still want to slap the test out of his mouth
Um boy i'll slap the taste out of your mouth try me if u want
shanti_vr shanti_vr 6 days ago
oh hellllllll nnnoooooooo!! what's fun about commitment at such a young age? no no hunty
Rebelgrrl Rebelgrrl Apr 06
Thank you so very much for posting this. It shows how beautiful and kind you really are. I've witnessed my father abusing my mother and the aftermath when she left him and it's so terrible to see how the victims are treated. Much love. ❤
juel_1019 juel_1019 Apr 07
I wanna read this and I will but I think I'm gonna have to wait till it's completed because I always read all I can then forget and have to re read and re read 😂😂 it's still really good though
And this should have been the moment she realized he's not a good bf