Dangerous Secrets

Dangerous Secrets

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Tahlia By MiddleChildCrisis Completed

AUTHORS NOTE: This was written when I was 14, its not my best work and can definitely use some editing, which I dont see happening in the near future, if you ask me any questions I probably can't answer as its been 6 years since I wrote it, sorry guys!

Jody and Haddiean were the perfect couple, best of friends, hardly ever fighting. 
But how will a year apart affect their relationship, and how will Haddiean react when he finds out Jody had a baby, his baby?
As they struggle to come to terms with their new relationship, a stalker doesn't make things any easier.

**Perviously called My baby's Daddy came back and Doesn't know about his baby, Shit am I in trouble!**
Under Edit!!!

  • abuse
  • andrew
  • andy
  • baby
  • bad
  • bain
  • bane
  • benji
  • blood
  • brother
  • coffin
  • cops
  • crying
  • died
  • drew
  • drop
  • drug
  • drugs
  • father
  • fear
  • first
  • friend
  • glass
  • gun
  • guy
  • haddiean
  • hate
  • hide
  • hysterical
  • icu
  • jody
  • kain
  • kiddnap
  • kiddnapped
  • kidnap
  • love
  • lurinda
  • madalyne
  • madda
  • mother
  • murder
  • police
  • pregancies
  • pregnancy
  • princess
  • secret
  • sequal
  • sister
  • stalker
  • steps
  • surprise
  • suspense
  • teen
  • teenaged
  • teenager
  • teenagers
  • teens
  • tell
  • tennager
  • trouble
  • twin
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tamoja tamoja Apr 15, 2015
Yes. It's good. Easy to read and the characters are real and likeable.
tamoja tamoja Apr 15, 2015
Thanks!  Learned a little Aussie lingo from tomorrow when the war began and jenmariewilde but not enough!!
MiddleChildCrisis MiddleChildCrisis Aug 06, 2013
@dtwm12 I dont rememebr exactly, (Because its been a while since i finished it) but hes a few months old
NatashaCourtney NatashaCourtney Jan 25, 2013
thats it that cant be it dose she tell him omg cant beleve its stop there x
xXMade2LoveXx xXMade2LoveXx Oct 04, 2011
LOVE IT!!!!!!!! Lol I have a government laptop too... could shoot it sometimes :p
Kimiko_Inuoe Kimiko_Inuoe Jul 04, 2011
You should put in s description and some people might enjoy it it's cool