changing mr. styles | styles

changing mr. styles | styles

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A By intococaine Updated May 01, 2014

"I can't change." he said as she smiled. "Then don't."        

Sometimes you can't truly change a person. No matter what you do they'll never be the person you want them to be. But you can inspire them to be the person you never thought you'd need. 
So what happens when Harry Styles- a young pop-star stirred with arrogance and heartless cruelty, meets Aria Hope- a young princess stirred with curiosity and on the search for a meaningful life; can one person turn a wilted flower to a blooming rose? 

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{in major editing} - {Books 1, 2, 3 & 4}

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afiandhes afiandhes Jun 04, 2017
Awh I remember when you started this and I think it was on 1dff. I keep finding myself coming back to it every year or so, it's just so good and it's become a bit of nostalgia. All my love, this is brilliant.
- - Jan 29, 2015
I love this trailer!! 
                              I just started this book and it seems AWESOME
BellaIrela BellaIrela Dec 01, 2014
oh I remember reading the first few chapters when I was bellairela
BellaIrela BellaIrela Dec 01, 2014
That was a really good trailer and I think I've read some of your books before I'm not 100% sure
LynHudsonChase LynHudsonChase Sep 04, 2014
1Dfriend19 1Dfriend19 Jan 27, 2014
Hello! You're a really good writer! Can I translate it to another language please? Please write it to me in comment. Thank you!