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Different (BEN x Reader)

Different (BEN x Reader)

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Karter_Carson By Karter_Carson Updated Dec 22, 2014

(A/N: Sad but true.. :( MonsterSlayer_01 suggested to start off the book by having (Y/n) get bullied because she's different. Anyways. BE YOURSELF IS THE KEY TO LIFE!
        ~Your P.O.V.~
        Just another day at school right? "YOU'RE JUST A WANNA-BE!" Jenifer hissed. "You shouldn't come to this school if you don't know who BEN DROWNED is!" Grace snapped as she pushed me causing me to collide with the lockers. Same old, same old. So maybe BEN DROWNED or something. 
        "Just because I don't know something doesn't make me a wanna-be!" I replied. "What was that?" Jenifer asked. "N-Nothing!" I stuttered. "That's what I thought." She replied coldly. Try to avoid everyone except my friends. It would do no good to stand up for myself will it? "I'M NOT A WANNA-BE!" I called out causing Jenifer and Grace to turn around. 
        Both of them having icy blue eyes. Jenifer had dirty blond hair, and would wear a lot of black while Grace had dark b...

Xx_WolfSpirit_xX Xx_WolfSpirit_xX Sep 10, 2016
I always wish there is an episode which the Creepypastas in it but I know that will probably never happen
                              F/n can't say what I have to do 
                              I will enter in Clev and Play Majora's Mask U.U
                              Why I'm can
SilviaTH21 SilviaTH21 Nov 26, 2016
It fits so well with the rhythm of 'what is love' 😆👍🏻 I'm crying right now!
ak2465 ak2465 Sep 17, 2016
If u guys think the yellow eyed demon is bad wait till u see Lilith if u haven't yet
DemonicMarichat DemonicMarichat Sep 08, 2016
Miki_Megurine Miki_Megurine Dec 21, 2016
I've been bullied before. But when I told the principle she made my bully (who had a crush on me) not able to speak to me for the remainder of the school year plus the next one. Now whenever I see my old bully look at me his eyes are full of fear. And he's like a whole foot taller than me!