Crescent Wolves (The Originals, Book One)

Crescent Wolves (The Originals, Book One)

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Tiffany By heartofice97 Updated Nov 30, 2014

Mikayla was separated from her parents and sister as an infant, thanks to the kindness of heart from the one and only Marcel Gerard, who has a thing about babies and children. Mikayla went home to find her family in New Orleans, where she triggered the werewolf curse and fell prey to the Crescent Moon Wolf curse, of being a wolf for every day of the month besides the full moon, where she would become human for that one night.

When Hayley returns to town, Mikayla realizes who she is and will stop at nothing to make sure that she and her niece would be safe at all costs.

And Hayley is trying just as hard to find out who she is.

Is it just me or does Marcel's "thing about babies and children" sound really paedophilic when phrased like this
adelaideferestone adelaideferestone Nov 04, 2016
Excuse me ,the girl in the cover i don't know her but she is pretty what's her ñame?