Sly As a Fox

Sly As a Fox

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"Love is in the air: Wear a gas mask." -Grumpy Cat

Willow thinks of herself as totally independent. She doesn't need anyone telling her what to do or how to do it, but it's not quite as easy for her to fulfill her wants of keeping her independent lifestyle. To begin with, Willow isn't even human, she's a Volpe (fox-shifter), but there's more that comes with that title than being able to shift into a fox. 

For thousands of years, there were only humans and for those thousands of years, they killed each other over the color of their skin. But that was then. Now shifters are an everyday part of life for everyone and no one cares about the color of a person's skin. It's their species. And it's even worse than it was between humans and the levels of melanin in their skin. 

Volpes are the most hated of all of the seven species. Supposedly cunning, deceitful, scum of the Earth parasites to the rest of the world. And Lupos (wolf-shifters) hate them most of all, with Volpes returning the favor. Lupos, with their powerful packs and Alphas throughout the world, have the obvious social advantage over Volpes, but that doesn't stop the world from turning and the natural course of events to happen.

And in the world of the shifters, every person, every species has a soul-mate, but only the shifters, with their animal instincts, are able to tell who it theirs. But Willow has no interest in the notion of mates, as grossly romantic as it can be.

Will the sparks fly, or will the fists fly when she realizes that a member of the very species she despises with a passion is her mate? How can a Lupo (wolf-shifter), an energetic, conforming, and extroverted species ever be with a Volpe, a solitary, careful, and decisive species without one of them getting hurt? Perhaps relationships aren't about someone telling independent Willow that she can't do something, but maybe just being there to guide her along the way... Or being there when she does something stupid.

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I think you might have to change how heavy she is, because I have a 10 pound chihuahua who is about half the size of a normal fox.  I think she should be like 20 pounds or something.
I love Willow, she is very relatable! But I will say this now: CALLING IT! The new alpha will become her mate.
madpup10 madpup10 6 days ago
I feel like I'm in history, my brain is about to explode with this information X3
Wow I have my first day of 8th grade today-.- and I woke at 1 am it is currently 2:32 and I'm reading how dare u-.-
In truth, most foxes weigh in at anywhere from 30-40 pounds. Because  the way you just described her she would be about the size of a smallish cat.
FYI in your summary of what happens the quote is be grumpy cat