Who Said Girls Can't Get Down And Dirty With Boys

Who Said Girls Can't Get Down And Dirty With Boys

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Taylor By darkangel35 Updated Nov 02, 2010

this is my first story ever, so any criticism, good or bad, would be really helpful.  

Thx = ] 


Chapter 1

I stared at my new school. This would be the 5th school this year. Since, my dad's in the military, I'm used to moving around, doesn't mean I have to like it.  

I sighed in resignation and turned back to my dad, who sat in his BMW M6.

"Have fun a school" he yelled through the open window, before speeding away.

I turned back and looked at the school. It's resemblance to a prison was uncanny, with its high retaining wall and drab colors. There was barbed wire lining all of the outside fences. I took a deep breath and started the long trek to the schools office, the dry heat of San Diego making me sticky with sweat. When I finally reached the office, I stopped in front of the heavy oak doors to collect myself.

I yanked back the double doors and was greeted by a wave of cold air. The office was a d...

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