Who's that chick? (Hetalia x Reader) [ON A REALLY LONG ASS HOLD]

Who's that chick? (Hetalia x Reader) [ON A REALLY LONG ASS HOLD]

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▼XSweatPantsX▼ By sk245802 Updated Apr 10, 2015

This is my first story ever written WOO!

So you are the secret weapon that Russia and Italy have been hiding. It all started as a normal day, getting groceries was your plan at the moment. But the day unexpectedly changes when you have fallen into a portal? Suddenly, you are surrounded by characters you know by heart. Why was it that only you fell into a portal leading to a different dimension? I guess we will have to find out - while having fun along the way of course.


BTS_EXO2004 BTS_EXO2004 Feb 08, 2016
Too late 😂😂 Im already watching anime and reading manga and no one can save me from this addiction!! 😍😍😂😂
grimm-hood grimm-hood Oct 26, 2016
This is the first thing i see when the page loaded and I new this was going to be awesome!
- - Sep 10, 2016
Oo... i dont do drugs... 
                              I do macaroni... WAAAYYY WORST.
                              People who watch "venturiantale" know wut i m talkin about... (-_=)
EdensBeautifulGarden EdensBeautifulGarden Dec 02, 2016
Sorry, already did. It's the most addicting kind ever. ANIME.
Pocky_and_Cream Pocky_and_Cream Feb 11, 2016
Hetalia is my drug. It is also a hole too deep and too wide to escape.
Cupid-Lux Cupid-Lux Dec 29, 2015
You should try (Y/n) for reader inserts, just a small suggestion from little 'ol me. You don't have to listen of course.