King of Chaos

King of Chaos

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Abby By BlackjackIsAwesome Updated Nov 04, 2014

This isn't you typical 'Percy Jackson Betrayed Story' and blah, blah, blah.  

Percy Jackson is known throughout the Universe as Cosmos, King and Ruler of the Universe, hand chosen by the Creator, Chaos to rule over what he was created.

Percy, along with his wife and three kids rule the Universe, fair and just.  He does what needs to be done.  So when he needs to return to Earth, where everyone betrayed him and thinks him to be dead...well, he is going to have a lot of fun with this.

Percy, Bianca, their children, Luke and Zoe, along with their children are going to save Earth...again.  But it isn't that simple.  

The Campers want Percy back.  What lengths might they go to keep him there? And what about Annabeth's jealousy?  And don't forget about the rest of the Seven trying to get Percy to forgive them, no matter what the cost.  What about Nico's attempts to gain his sister's affection and a place in the family-but he is going to have to earn the right.

Oh, and don't forget about Percy seeing his mother again, even when she turned her back on him, Paul, and his fifteen year old mortal sister, the child of Sally and Paul.

Was it mentioned that it has been 15,000 years for Percy, while it has only been 15 Earth years?

Yeah, things are going to be a wild ride from here on out.

And then there is Leo Flaming Valdez cooking Tofu tacos and lighting his hair on fire. Ahhhh, Leo....

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ChildOfNyx ChildOfNyx Jun 12, 2017
Percy of we can't have your hotness I'll take your son... *Takes Theseus (Percy his son ofc) and flies of into the dark night kissing him intimately*
JustARandomPhantomer JustARandomPhantomer Dec 18, 2017
I want to say this to my ex friend lilly really bad right now
                              Here is Perceus Jackson...
Alex_Romones Alex_Romones Apr 30, 2017
                              MY SISTER IS MARRIED TO THAT HOT STUFF
                              IF I WERE STRAIGHT YOU COULD HAVE SHARED😂😂😂😂😂😂
AphmauShipLover AphmauShipLover Mar 29, 2017
Percy at one point time didn't you hate Gaea so how do you now love her, but hate everyone on planet earth. This is a paradox I  demand be solved!
SupoMinor SupoMinor Aug 16, 2017
Damn, I've always been straight but the new Percy and Theseus might make me rethink that.