The Holmes' Sister

The Holmes' Sister

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Monigal By Clara_Oswin_ Completed

(Slowly editing)
Anistyn Holmes, youngest sister to both Mycroft, and Sherlock Holmes, has the brains of both of them, she's also quite quirky too.  But what about the side she doesn't talk about?  The side she keeps hidden from her brothers, the side she got from serving in the army?  She suddenly decides to become flatmates with her brother, since John moved out and moved in with his wife Mary. 

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FrosenHart FrosenHart Nov 19, 2017
I love that he is so used to the Holmes that he knows how they and their sibling act.
NotSoRealPilot NotSoRealPilot Apr 06, 2017
I hate how people say all character belong to BBC. They didn't come up with sherlock Holmes, and John, and everyone else.
YasmineGrace221B YasmineGrace221B May 24, 2016
I literally had this thought in my head and tried writing my own (it was a huge flop) in my head, she would be the one who was the kindest out of the three but still smart and cheeky. She served in the war and she knew John.
Cam_Holmes Cam_Holmes Aug 11, 2016
I'm sorry Gavin....Wait,, umm, Gary?...Not that one either, wait, Greg! There is it. I'm sorry if my brothers annoy you
BittersweetBeliever BittersweetBeliever Nov 22, 2016
YAY! It's Gerard, or is it gavin, or graham, maybe george, gary, grey, oh, I know GANDALF!
unhlthlyfngrlng unhlthlyfngrlng Jan 03, 2017
This petty feud is simply childish and you know how it always upset mummy