band texts 》5SOS

band texts 》5SOS

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sady By msftsmikey Updated Mar 07, 2015

hey, so since everyone and their mom have been writing/uploading band texts i thought why not give it a try. [i'm not good at writing so don't expect anything major, and also excuse my bad grammar/spelling]

btw have you seen the good girls video? i died multiple times wow.

sady ♡

- - - 

mikey: guys

mikey: guyyysss

luke: what is it michael? :-)

cal: what do ya want mikeypoo

mikey: shut up cal

mikey: we should start a band

ash: hi guys

ash: and michael we should not

mikey: whyyyy

cal: i actually agree with mikey why the fuck not i mean we all play instruments and we're not that bad at singing either, i mean we could at least give it a try???

ash: but nobody knows us and we don't even have songs to play      

luke: i agree with calum 

ash: yeh luke but that's just because you're obssessed with his asian ass

luke: am not 

mikey: you kind of are lucas

cal: yeah michael's actually right for once

luke: it's luke

luke: :-(

cal: it's okay lukeypoo i think it's cute 


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Andy_Sparks Andy_Sparks Aug 11, 2016
Me Great Wall of cake🍰🎂🍰🎂🍰🎂🍰🎂🍰🎂
Andy_Sparks Andy_Sparks Oct 10, 2016
Did anyone else think of the song drunk by ed when they read the title
CarlizaDaniella CarlizaDaniella Aug 30, 2016
Heart Eyes Hemmings and Heart Eyes Howell need to meet okay
                              Like Caspar and Ashton already met
Olaf_unicorn Olaf_unicorn Jan 08, 2017
                              JUST KIDDING FOOLED YA BITCHES 😂😂
Andy_Sparks Andy_Sparks Aug 11, 2016
Dude if this is how he is when he is drunk sign me up to be his next girlfriend lol
Andy_Sparks Andy_Sparks Oct 10, 2016
Hey the grammar and spelling doesn't matter their all little 2 year olds 😀