The Untouched Bride (Wattpad Version- Unedited) (Published)

The Untouched Bride (Wattpad Version- Unedited) (Published)

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Lady Eliza Rosawell is forced to marry Sir Daniel Thorton, The King's most trusted Knight. She doesn't wish to marry him as it was her father's last wish for her not to marry a Knight.

But, how is she to know that the future would unfold something much unexpected?

Sir Daniel Thorton loves living in single blessedness and has no desire to marry.

Set against the backdrop of 1879, The Untouched Bride unfolds the story of loyalty, treachery, deceit and power struggles. Amidst all this drama Eliza and Daniel's lives are changed forever.

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Alaeryel Alaeryel Jul 20, 2014
Already MESMERIZED with this story!!  Your writing is BRILLIANT, EASILY READ AND PERFECTION!!!
blissit blissit Mar 30, 2014
Oow that's cool lass , congratulation on the the published book  :D !!!!!!
Sweet_Angel90 Sweet_Angel90 Nov 04, 2013
At BreannaChristineHard yo chick if you don't like the story just say so no need to criticize someone else's work to promote your own freaking book
BreannaHardy_ BreannaHardy_ Feb 26, 2013
These are probably annoying please readmy book jt is called i dare you if you want me to read or vote on any of your books inbox me
ChronicCreator ChronicCreator Jan 26, 2013
@XxSaachxX Hello! ^_^ I wanna just point that even in the kindle edition (since there's no paperback preview T.T), the punctuation is still not there (like, 'Mother (,) I don't understand the meaning of this?'), so maybe it needs more editing? :)
dcg0999 dcg0999 Dec 17, 2012
I was wondering if you really meant the 17 century and not the 19?