When The Clock Strikes Midnight (Jeff the Killer x Reader)

When The Clock Strikes Midnight (Jeff the Killer x Reader)

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When The Clock Strikes Midnight 
(Jeff the Killer x Reader)

Your mother died when you were a kid, and she died in such a strange manner. You knew it wasn't natural, you knew someone was behind that. Now, as you turn fifteen, the killer that has been on the loose for years has finally shown himself to you. He tries his hardest to be scary and mysterious, but really, you find him adorable and almost want to laugh at his attempts to frighten you. I mean seriously, threatening phone calls are kind of overdone, don't you think? You play along, acting as the scared victim, but things suddenly become serious when your best friend is kidnapped. 

Also, you apparently "belong" to him. Pfft, what a joke.

As deals, perverts, secrets, and true killers are revealed, your life will suddenly make sense as you deal with the multiple innuendos thrown your way. Plus, you begin wondering who your dad is, since you've never met him, and oh man, your face when you meet him is priceless.
Beware the Following:
Ben's perversion.
Offenderman's rose.
Sally's hugs.
Jane's jealously. 
And cliffhang-
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why did I imagine him doing this :
                              Slendy : 'Lmao' as kids sat these days. * does a whip * woo-hoo * says in a old British accent * kids are sure wild these days * whips again *
Boi you needa getta trim on that fuckin hair. Bitch ain't gonna get no girls or boys like that. Duh.
Went in to your other brother's restaurant named mc donald he got smile too and dont let IT eats your arm
Me: .....
                              Ok the light switch was creepy anyway I'm out goodbye *jumps out the window*
KitaDraw KitaDraw Mar 28
...Did he...*Tears are starting to fall from my eyes* 
                              DROP ALL THE MILK?
Oh hewwo. Can thou thou remove thy cold pillows of death off of my face pweese?