Brother Complex (BoyxBoy)

Brother Complex (BoyxBoy)

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killingmeinside By killingmeinside Completed

Charlie Haynes really loves his older brother, William. He really looks up to him. His friends often tease him that he has brother complex, that he doesn't listen to or take seriously. Charlie is gay and is 'in love' with his brother, therefore, he is not interested in having a serious relationship with anyone with the thought that he already has a perfect brother and doesn't need anyone else he would call his 'lover'.

Until one day, fate encounters Charlie with someone that gets his attention. Since then, Charlie begins to fall for him without knowing it himself until that 'someone' has become an important part of his life.

Unfortunately, William isn't very happy about it . . . . . .

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I have read this story several times, and I guess I never really read your first a/n. It’s kind of funny that you thought that  because I love this story...and so do a lot of other thank you for writing it😊
williamzea williamzea Jul 22, 2017
no joke i just started reading this and when it said william i was shook cause that my name
Sorry for my long comment. I had to enter my frustrations. Also people are saying that our generation is the most open-minded but I haven't heard of one single openly gay person in any school I've been.
Alex_Nicole_ANIMU Alex_Nicole_ANIMU Oct 11, 2017
I'm five two and I don't have to cram my neck to look at people...
My brother wouldn't even do that. He would roll his eyes, berate me for being stupid and then throwing the first aid box to my feet and then go to meet with his hoe-ish girlfriend
Im_your_new_friend Im_your_new_friend Aug 20, 2017
Mmmhhhhh homophobic people
                              I wish I could actually cut their diks off and staple them to their foreheads and call them "dikheads"