Phantom Butler • AkaKuro

Phantom Butler • AkaKuro

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©June 2014
[Book One of Akashi no Batora Series]
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He just wanted to finish and leave, but somehow he wanted to stay longer. 

He just wanted to forget about that moment, but somehow he wanted to relive it. 

He just wanted to be emotionless, but somehow he fell in love. 

He just wanted someone to make him feel special-loved if possible, but he just receive a box of a broken heart. 

He just needed to be alone. 

If possible he wanted to get away from everything.

Especially being his lover's Phantom Butler.

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Shadows_Empress Shadows_Empress Aug 30, 2016
Well, duh, that was rather obvious. She clearly said "Akashi-KUN" and it's rather impossible to address an old man by that.
LucasZor LucasZor Mar 14, 2016
Again? What did you mean by again? Don't say... No wayyyyyyy! I am fangirling
LucasZor LucasZor Mar 14, 2016
I can litterally image how hot Akashi look right now. Kuroko, you lucky.
osomatsushi osomatsushi Apr 16, 2016
Okay first of all...Busty... Leave Akashi's man alone! 👀👀😜😜
FrostBlitzx FrostBlitzx Jan 14, 2017
Ehem.. Momoi.. Don't even think about it.. *pulls out a bloody knife*
Marchbaby97 Marchbaby97 Jan 06, 2016
I love when (certain) people touch my hair..its like sweet tingles