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The Beauty And The Wolf [EXO Luhan FanFic]

The Beauty And The Wolf [EXO Luhan FanFic]

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чαnαѕє míчukí-ѕαmα By XoXoXiuMimi Completed

Kim Ki Yeon (You) is a normal villager girl who has a normal girl life. One day, she meets a boy. That boy wasn't a normal boy.....He is.....a wolf. At her time, people and Wolfvians(what the wolves species are called) are great enemies. They hate each others guts ever since so Wolvians decided to live among the humans to get the supplies they need by turning into their human form. Kiyeon becomes friends with the boy and his friends. The boys are Suho, Xiumin, Kris, Lay, Chen, D.O, Tao, Kai, Chanyeol, Baekhyun and Sehun(Luhan is the boy she first met)

Kiyeon doesn't know that her friends are wolves yet because they are in their human form. Some of the boys start to develop feelings for Kiyeon but at their time, Humans and Wolvians AREN'T ALLOWED to marry each other since they are different species and also great enemies is this going to work out? Find Out And See!

ChaoticTori ChaoticTori Nov 28, 2016
Unnie is what a younger sister calls an older sister...
                              A younger brother would call an older disinter 'Noona'. People think Noona means boyfriend, but often means a younger male that has a very close relationship with an older female.
SugaForeverFighting SugaForeverFighting Jul 31, 2016
NU'EST was my first K-Pop band and Ren is my biased so when I saw Ren I started freaking out
Janice294_ Janice294_ Jan 27
Umm...  If kihyuk is a boy,  he should call kiyeon "Noona" but if kihyuk is  a girl *which is not right?" She should call kiyeon "Unnie"
youblue123 youblue123 Dec 07, 2015
Not you too this just isn't my day knowing that they will have their hearts broken.
youblue123 youblue123 Dec 07, 2015
Noooo!!! why Beakhyun, I don't want his heart broken!
                              It's okay you have me😉
Ester_481 Ester_481 Nov 23, 2015
CRISTIANO RONALDO'S # is 7 THEN SO IS LUHAN'S!!!!!!!!gssiejdkdksjcofjeof