The Divorced Neighbors. [ERERI/RIREN]

The Divorced Neighbors. [ERERI/RIREN]

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>‿‿◕ Story idea does not belong to me. I got this idea here -> ( <-

This story is about two divorced parents, living as neighbors. 

Eren brings his son, Chibi, over to Levi's house daily. Levi's son, Levi-Kun, (Junior), and Chibi are best of buds.

What happens when Eren and Levi get closer? Not just as friends, but more? 

How's that going to turn out, being that they both have kids?

( ̄ー ̄) yeah, I suck at descriptions. If you like Ereri, and cute little Eren and Levi lookalikes, and fluff, this story is for you.

None of these characters belong to me.
 The characters belong to creators of Shingeki No Kyojin, (Attack On Titan.) Hajime Isayama.
!All hail Isayama.!

This story will contain boyxboy, which means two boys together. If you're not comfortable with reading about gays, I suggest you not to read this. 

Created; 10/10/14.
Completed: 1/14/15.

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BallOfSin BallOfSin 3 days ago
I thought he said tap that cuz I'd love to tap his tiny lil booty
Evisha is actually a black name 😂 like 2 of my cousins names are Evisha
I love how at first they're talking about how smexy he is, then they start cutting on him, and then they get beat. XD
Leave Bill alone. He already has to deal with people eating his family members everyday! And he is already has his own problems tryna smash with Dipper, too.
I'm laughing about how sad of a person I am, imagining these lewd things.