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Obey Me and Be Mine [Yandere!Levi x Reader x Eren] AU

Obey Me and Be Mine [Yandere!Levi x Reader x Eren] AU

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Miruna Miru By MirunaMiru9 Updated Nov 07, 2014

 *Levi PoV

 They always made fun of me. Calling me

a freak just because I didn't like the

exact same things they did.

One day, I would fight back, but now I just didn't have the courage to. I hung my head low. It was always like this. For once, I wished I could be like them and do

whatever I wanted to. I felt my eyes

water and tears began to stream down

my face.

"Hey... Why are you always alone?" A soft

voice asked.

I turned in the direction of the voice and

saw a girl. She had an unusually pretty

face and a kind smile. Her big [e/c] had

a look of innocence and curiosity.

"Well?" She spoke again.

I looked away with a blush dusting my

cheeks. Why was this girl talking to me?

She giggled and put a hand on my


"Was it those boys?" I nodded at her


A scowl crossed her face at my actions.

"They always do stuff like this... Picking

on the defenseless is something only the

truly weak do." She spat.

My gray eyes widened when she said

that. This girl had...

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anti-neito anti-neito Oct 22, 2017
bítch I will back slap yu back to Germany where yu can have yur séx with the bees and the eagles
I thought eren  was dead, it gave me an 'attack on heart' lol........................I'll go now
Levi's gonna ask where he wants to be buried and the size of his grave
Pluto_dudeYT Pluto_dudeYT Sep 02, 2017
hmmm DEATH CITY...
                              wait thats a city hmmmm...
                              DEATH TOWN.... that doesn't sound good :I all well atleast i went to the DWMA probally XD
Pluto_dudeYT Pluto_dudeYT Sep 02, 2017
why is levi draggin everyone around i can imagain being behind on the floor just sittin there being dragged along like:
                              Yup this is school for ya
His eyes are green or yellow (depends if you are referring to the manga or the anime)