Bulletproof {SAO//GGO Fan-fic}

Bulletproof {SAO//GGO Fan-fic}

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LawlietTheKiller By LawlietTheKiller Updated Feb 26, 2017

"Asada-san! Asada-san! Asada-san!"

She woke up with a scream as her name echoed in her head. She sat up quickly hugging her knees. Ever since that day, she has been having those nightmares of that memory every night. She told herself to remain calm and that it was already over.


She shook her head. She still remembered everything from that day. Kyouji's eyes pleading with pleasure and crazed insanity as he held the syringe onto her. He had looked so different than the Kyouji she once knew. She was so naive to believe and trust him.

Why would he do this?!

Kirito had saved her that day. He had put his own life in danger just to protect her. She had gotten him involved into her own problems, which could of killed him.

She frowned and looked out the window of her room.


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The-Chill-Waffle The-Chill-Waffle Jul 23, 2017
I wish I could walk around with a scarf so I could do that, but sadly, scarves are only always fashionable in anime :'(
LupineWood LupineWood May 28
And this is why you don't read fanfics of the season you are watching. Damnit! 😑
The-Chill-Waffle The-Chill-Waffle Jul 23, 2017
Can someone explain the like '-San' and '-kun', and Which name is sinon's first name?
AndreTheWhiteWraith AndreTheWhiteWraith Mar 16, 2015
i love this so far
                              and as i always say in fanfics with Asada/Sinon: *Clears throat* NOTICE ME SINON-SAMA!!!