Stranger Is Typing...(Frerard)

Stranger Is Typing...(Frerard)

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Holly By DarkStar_BVB172 Updated Oct 10, 2014

16 year old Frank Iero hates his life. He shuts himself off from his parents, he gets bullied every day at school, and he's always hiding his sexuality from everyone. And to top it all off, he's suicidal, and he self harms. He has no one to turn to, not even his three best friends. But there is one thing that actually makes him feel happy...

The internet.

Behind his laptop, he doesn't feel judged when he talks to others like him. The never ending love and support from other victims of prejudice, keep Frank fighting for a life that could get better.

Then when he goes on a website called Omegle, he meets a boy who will change his life forever.


(A Frerard Love Story <3 <3 <3.)

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franksgee franksgee Jul 29, 2017
Dude......thats how Chris and Angie got together!!!!(Chringie!!!)
MIWGhostFan MIWGhostFan Apr 15, 2017
The description was a black hole for me xD I was like "I'm already in too deep"
phaninthemcrmy phaninthemcrmy Mar 27, 2017
I want to deliberately not comment on the story just to piss you off, but I'm not gonna >u<
MIWGhostFan MIWGhostFan Apr 15, 2017
Wait! I have to give my family so noise canceling headphones before I continue
MIWGhostFan MIWGhostFan Apr 15, 2017
Dammit! i just realized we don't have any :T Welp, they'll just have to sit through the torture
Kaena-chan Kaena-chan Apr 18, 2017