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-Book ONE of the Lusus Naturae Trilogy-
|C O M P L E T E D|

Electra Volcov is addicted. She's addicted to that rush she gets when she kills, to that feeling of watching someone's life leave their body. Some call her insane, a murderer, a terror to society, however behind every 'insane' person lays an even more insane story. Electra's is filled with love, loss, and death so much so that she has turned to being a villain that plagues New York. You have all read or heard the fairy tales of princes and princesses that battle villains in their story to achieve their happily ever afters, but not many have seen stories about the bad person. However, this story is no fairy tale. This story is about a girl who does bad things but once was a good girl. This is the story of how a girl went insane with revenge. This is the story of Electra.

lu·sus na·tu·rae:
ˌlo͞osəs nəˈt(y)o͝orˌē,

a freak of nature.

  • action
  • agent
  • alcohol
  • bad
  • blood
  • city
  • drugs
  • electra
  • good
  • hatred
  • injection
  • love
  • mature
  • neardeath
  • paranormal
  • rescue
  • revenge
  • romance
  • sexyvillain
  • superhuman
  • violence
ObeyJCJ ObeyJCJ Feb 11, 2016
Last story to read of yours 😭 so sad, wished you had more, cause your one of my favorite authors on here
indigomayasummer indigomayasummer Jan 30, 2017
Well then *starts singing dreamgirls "step into the bad side"
- - Jan 16, 2017
I don't read summaries cause I believe I shouldn't base a story on how good the summary is but yeh actual idea if the story.
BookLover1oo BookLover1oo Mar 06, 2017
I think i left a shirt here it was white kinda covered in blood. Is there any i can get it back but blood free? I don't want to scare away my prey just yet so i need it clean.
Reading_Potato_ Reading_Potato_ Jan 15, 2017
Im 13. But the things I've read and watched.... this won't be a problem. 😂