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Her Husband's Child *Editing*

Her Husband's Child *Editing*

1.8M Reads 39.9K Votes 27 Part Story
Nikky By Nicole_Bello Completed

Rosalie used to be happy, well that was before she was forced to marry a heartless, cheating, liar, son of a-you get my point-billionaire.
Now after two and a half years years of marriage, she has to give him a child. A heir.
What happens when she is told she is unable to have children?
What happens when she gets home to find her husband's other woman pregnant with her husband's child?

Highest so far in Romance #17 on 6/16/15

shady4ever101 shady4ever101 Sep 19, 2016
I'm so afraid that this is gonna happen to me because I want 3 children I want meh kids
Gajeeel Gajeeel Nov 22, 2016
Sparkly vampires or smelly harry werewolves... Hm #team no one cause twilight is trash.~
itnapathetic itnapathetic Nov 25, 2016
Wait.  But. Maybe he isn't the bad guy. Maybe he found or thought that another mother could have a child since she can't....
                               but I still don't like him.
When she said Michael I heard it in Mila kunis' voice from That 70s show
TJs_Story TJs_Story Oct 29, 2016
Blue JEANS by that goddess of a singer that always makes me cry and daydream....AKA...miss Lana Del REY😂😍
Edward's a woman. Jacob's a bitch. Jasper's thirsty. Carlisle's creepy.
                              Emmett? He's my bae