ON HOLD Marry Me (OHSHC twins<3)

ON HOLD Marry Me (OHSHC twins<3)

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stori_spell By stori_spell Updated Jul 08, 2015

Marry Me (OHSHC twins<3)

Hinami Hitachiin left with her mother for Paris, France, to help oversee the Hitachiin fashion and designer company. Now, years later, she was going back to live with her older brothers in Japan; But things weren't how they used be when Hinami, Hikaru, and Kaoru were a tag team. There's something weighing on Hinami's shoulders, following her every second of the day. Hikaru and Kaoru are determined to find out, no matter what the cost. 

WARNING: //yaoi//twincest// umm.... Tripletcest?// HikaruXKaoruXHinami

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_fab_feebi_ _fab_feebi_ Jul 01
Um no that's actually too wrong like that actually is no just ugh no
everything else has a normal amount of comments but then this one has like two hundred and fifty something lmao
50 shades of gray with your triplet sister.........
                              That sounds normal 
nope I'm preeettty sure triplets means four........ and you call yourself an honour student
anime_bitch anime_bitch Sep 02
Wait wait wait wait. I didn't expect them to be this blunt hold crap
It sounded like normal sibling stuff, until that part. Now, I'm afraid of the twins..... and what they will do to their sister.....