ON HOLD Marry Me (OHSHC twins<3)

ON HOLD Marry Me (OHSHC twins<3)

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stori_spell By stori_spell Updated Jul 08, 2015

Marry Me (OHSHC twins<3)

Hinami Hitachiin left with her mother for Paris, France, to help oversee the Hitachiin fashion and designer company. Now, years later, she was going back to live with her older brothers in Japan; But things weren't how they used be when Hinami, Hikaru, and Kaoru were a tag team. There's something weighing on Hinami's shoulders, following her every second of the day. Hikaru and Kaoru are determined to find out, no matter what the cost. 

WARNING: //yaoi//twincest// umm.... Tripletcest?// HikaruXKaoruXHinami

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What my teacher said when me and my brothers went into the same class (we are triplets(
foreverotaku11 foreverotaku11 Dec 28, 2017
\(//∇//)\.      Angel side               |( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Devil side 
                              I know it's wrong but I can't   | Muahahahaha, I hope it'll 
                              Help but imagine.....                  |happen soon. Forbidden love
                                                                                          | = food for my heart ❤️
foreverotaku11 foreverotaku11 Dec 28, 2017
A shy type who's fine with ice cream being poured over her body and used for such purposes 😂 ? Wow, if that's shy then what are we? (sarcasm)
Why you all saying "Poor Haruhi"? Leave the triplets alone, they haven't seen each other in YEARS let them have their damn moment.
foreverotaku11 foreverotaku11 Dec 28, 2017
She got so used with it she practically doesn't mind it anymore 😂
eeugene eeugene Sep 03, 2017
man I hate long nails like how you supposed to wipe your asś hole