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ON HOLD Marry Me (OHSHC twins<3)

ON HOLD Marry Me (OHSHC twins<3)

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stori_spell By stori_spell Updated Jul 08, 2015

Marry Me (OHSHC twins<3)

Hinami Hitachiin left with her mother for Paris, France, to help oversee the Hitachiin fashion and designer company. Now, years later, she was going back to live with her older brothers in Japan; But things weren't how they used be when Hinami, Hikaru, and Kaoru were a tag team. There's something weighing on Hinami's shoulders, following her every second of the day. Hikaru and Kaoru are determined to find out, no matter what the cost. 

WARNING: //yaoi//twincest// umm.... Tripletcest?// HikaruXKaoruXHinami

highest rating: #518 in Fanfiction

Mi_Mitty218 Mi_Mitty218 Apr 16
Me! I've cream is too cold for me! So I prefer it warmed... or slightly melted
Mi_Mitty218 Mi_Mitty218 Apr 16
Not really, I mean they still are eating. Just on your body instead of a cake
ArwenFaithCastillo ArwenFaithCastillo Aug 25, 2016
Stop being a pervert Hikaru and kaoru your giving me nosebleeds
Sora_Wifu_of_ALL Sora_Wifu_of_ALL Oct 01, 2016
*blood pours out of my nose... POURS* 911: 911 what's your emergency?
                              Sister: yeah Sora's dying of blood loss... you know what, nevermind..*ends call* do this on your own..
MissNeony MissNeony May 29, 2016
Wait, since one is a girl wouldn't that kinda not be yaoi? But, if she is like Haruhi (dressing up as a host/ pretending to be a boy) that would kinda be yaoi? IM SO CONFUSED.
ShadowsAreFalling ShadowsAreFalling Nov 06, 2016
Curse my dirty mind. I hate it but love it at the same time.