Adopted By My Step Brothers

Adopted By My Step Brothers

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Cause of death? 
You guessed it. 
Both drug overdose. If you ask me they did it on purpose. They didn't love me enough to stay here and care for me. I guess 16 years was too long to raise a kid because they now left me in the care of my arrogant, controlling, sexy step brothers. 

Once that judge made the finally call and announced that those Devils were my guardians for the next two years I knew my life as I knew it was over. 

CAUTION: sexual situations, profanity and adult situations take place in this story so I ask for only mature and 18+ readers.

**Going to rewrite.***

DanabearXO DanabearXO Jul 30
Man I can't smell cologne and eat at the same time I lose my appetite can't have to smells mixed together its very intense for me its just so......
PupuPud PupuPud Jul 11
Whenever I see kale, I just cant help but thinking about a well made kale dish. 😂
DanabearXO DanabearXO Jul 30
Welp sounds like a guy that would call me a whore for saying something real weird lmfao jp
Ahh yes because the best choice to name my child is after a collared  green
GNisey GNisey Jul 08
Lol when i smell something really  good I'm  too bust trying to inconspicuously sniff it more. Like ultra ninjw sniff with deep inhalesband exhales
DanabearXO DanabearXO Jul 30
Never thought of kale as a vegetable lolololololololololololololol trollololololololololo lmfao dumb me huehueheuehuehuehuehuehhuehuehuehuehue