Adopted By My Step Brothers

Adopted By My Step Brothers

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Cause of death? 
You guessed it. 
Both drug overdose. If you ask me they did it on purpose. They didn't love me enough to stay here and care for me. I guess 16 years was too long to raise a kid because they now left me in the care of my arrogant, controlling, sexy step brothers. 

Once that judge made the finally call and announced that those Devils were my guardians for the next two years I knew my life as I knew it was over. 

CAUTION: sexual situations, profanity and adult situations take place in this story so I ask for only mature and 18+ readers.

**Going to rewrite.***

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Aww thanks for caring when it doesn't matter anymore you're a real gem!🙄😁🔫
NorimaOsaka234 NorimaOsaka234 Nov 21, 2017
Kale is so good! Parents should have given him a better name though. Like Kamron.
DEADandinHELL DEADandinHELL Sep 25, 2017
Oh my god what is wrong with me why the fúck am I laughing 😅😅😪
When your mom names you after a vegetable and your brother gets a cool name not vegetable related.
Fairlight8 Fairlight8 Nov 12, 2017
Haha they was arguring bout who you will ride with 😂😂😂😂💀💀
NorimaOsaka234 NorimaOsaka234 Nov 21, 2017
I woulda put 2 cents into the prayer like " and god, please forgive this holy man for lying, knowing good and well that them crackheads are going somewhere even worse than hell. Amen."