Magcon Bullied Me ((UNDER EDITING))

Magcon Bullied Me ((UNDER EDITING))

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She got bullied by them nearly everyday. 

They were ten, carefree, self conceited, judgmental popular boys at school who didn't care about anyone else but themselves. 

She reaches her breaking  point and decides she can't take it anymore, so she leaves and, well, starts over with a friend. When she leaves her friend decides to give her a sort of, "makeover" so that she can have a boost of confidence. 

The boys realize what they did was wrong and try searching for her, but can't find her anywhere. They want to express how sorry they are. 

She starts doing Youtube videos and modeling at VS. Her youtube videos make others feel happy and feel like they can be themselves no matter what. She still carries hatred for those boys because of what they did to her. 

The boys download an app called vine and become famous due to their crazy/goofy-ness. Seeing so many new faces and fans, they soon forget what she looks like, but they always remember that girl they used to bully with the nickname "S" 

She soon receives a letter to join a tour called Magcon and of course she accepts for her fans and for also wanting to try something new, but little does she know that those ten boys are whom she will be touring with for the next few months.


Can I just say thank you so much for how many reads I have and thank you for stumbling upon my book! 

I'm currently going back and editing this book to make it better, so beware if there are mistakes in chapters and just bare with me, I wrote this when I was like twelve.

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Disclaimer; I do not own the name Magcon and I don't own anyone who is/ was involved with the old actual Magcon. I don't own One Direction, Zayn Malik or Mahogany LOX. 
  I created this story myself and other characters named in this are people I came up with- Don't steal/copy anything from this story. 
 This is my original content that I created.

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Best line if it was when Rebecca Slap caroline
                              BITCH!-Capone Forbes
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My mom litterly just got me a get shirt that has Good Vibes in black ink
While reading this i saw the comments added up to 69 and i burst out laughing so i had to ruin it 😋
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Mines Harsley but people call me Parsley even my teachers and also my first names Isabelle so it doesn’t help when people Call u Isabellend😹
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bro! what you doing?! if they died cause of my dad I would tell him right away!
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BOII My tears are already watering, yet it is still the first chapter!😭😭