Wanting Juvia (Gruvia) ||Lemon||

Wanting Juvia (Gruvia) ||Lemon||

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That lemon writer By FlamexSoul Updated Apr 24, 2016

Warning; if you are sensitive to the topic rape, then please don't read. You may be triggered 


Gray couldn't take it longer. He wanted her, in every way possible.

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Uniek_Central Uniek_Central Jul 01, 2017
RAPE IS SO WRONG!!!  But I've been waiting for this hook up forever...
0MYTH0 0MYTH0 Sep 22, 2017
Am I the only one who doesn't get it??? ಠ_ಠ dafuq does this mean??
DWFTMY DWFTMY Sep 30, 2017
So Gray did Juvia give you some love or desire potion but gave you too much that you'll go the lengths of raping her
PrincessHatake519 PrincessHatake519 Aug 30, 2017
911,  what's your emergency? 
                              Me:  yes, I would like to report a rape!!!
- - Jun 26, 2017
Well, this was already in the summary but oh well
                              DONT RAPE HER YOU GRAY
FairyTail_Foreva FairyTail_Foreva Dec 12, 2017
Why can’t Gruvia be canon???? Unless it is and I just don’t know it haven’t finished the series yet