Wanting Juvia (Gruvia) ||Lemon||

Wanting Juvia (Gruvia) ||Lemon||

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That lemon writer By FlamexSoul Updated Apr 24, 2016

Warning; if you are sensitive to the topic rape, then please don't read. You may be triggered 


Gray couldn't take it longer. He wanted her, in every way possible.

Boi what's wrong with you like wtaf was that like bruh do better than dat like really come on now 😑😑😑 * favorite emoji *
RAPE IS SO WRONG!!!  But I've been waiting for this hook up forever...
Well, this was already in the summary but oh well
                              DONT RAPE HER YOU GRAY
I get it cause she's a water mage and he's ice. Nice one Gray  nice one👏🏾👏🏾
Please don't have me Gray but
                              Pffffffft 😂😂😂
Mahiru0322 Mahiru0322 Jun 14
Me:YES ITS HAPPENING!!!*grabs popcorn* *sits quietly while watching*
                              Juvia:KYAAAAAAAAA*walki backwards*
                              Mira:33 GRUVIA BABIES IS COMING UP!!!*fangirls too much*