My Stepsister

My Stepsister

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Inzhel Ika By InzhelIka Updated Jan 02, 2015

I kneeled down touching the stone where her name was carved in, I felt another tear rolled down my cheeks and my heart still aching. I released a ragged breath as I fought the tears to stop, but no it didn't, it never did. The memories, it's still fresh, I can still remember everything... all of it.

Being an only child it was really sad for me especially when I have no mom. My mom died when I came out, so I really dont know what is she like and never knew how a mother's love could feel. My father said she looks just like me and I was beautiful like her. My father is an army general, he's not always home so I was practically raised by my baby sitters and my maids. 

My father being an army general and her mother a doctor, they met.

It was summer. The hot sun shone. I was only 7 years old when my dad married her mother. A smile formed on the corner of my lips, remembering how cute she is when she wore that little white bluish dress with a black ribbon on her back on the wedding. 

I wa...

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yazzytocute2004 yazzytocute2004 Nov 14, 2017
Awe I remember when mine started❤❤welcome to the worst years of your life Sweetie😂 also I knew she hit her period I'm a genius
Kimdeukie Kimdeukie Apr 03, 2017
what I think she is supposed to be 12 and the older must be 17
Catch_me_outside Catch_me_outside Aug 28, 2016
*puts hand on heart* *whispers* I'm so sorry *tears filling up in eyes* do you need a hug? *hugs phone*
SomiJeonDouma SomiJeonDouma Oct 02, 2016
This scene seems so similar to a korean movie i watched. Its most the same
PeaceInWords PeaceInWords Jul 09, 2016
Asthma is nothing to be bullied about 😔 I had an asthma attack in the fourth grade, and it was triggered by an anxiety attack WHICH was triggered by my bullies.
Raven363 Raven363 Oct 22, 2015
                              BUT THEY ARE AFRAID OF COMING OUT.