At the edge of Life (On Hold)

At the edge of Life (On Hold)

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CleoUba By CleoUba Updated Dec 14, 2020

How would you feel if bad things kept on happening in your life. Well that's the everyday life of Tobi Chesnut, a college student and a rebel who never gave a f*ck and did everything wrong. Nothing went right in his life well not until Kim, a young single mother who is struggling to start all over shows up in the picture. They're two completely different people, one is a pessimist who believes was cursed while the other is an optimist who believes was given a second chance at life. Well you can take a wild guess who's who.

 Tobi has shit ton of mysteries and secrets to undercover about his life and at the same time, has a growing affection for the 26 years old Kim. 
He is at the edge of life but would still ride the rollercoaster of his mysteries, secrets and forbidden love


Book cover made by @QudrahAdam . Thanks for the amazing cover