Thank You (Destiel and Sabriel)

Thank You (Destiel and Sabriel)

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Say yestiel to destiel By theangelwriter Updated Jun 26, 2015

Castiel Novak and his younger brother Gabe have moved in with their sister after being kicked out of their mom's house for reasons Cas doesn't like to think about. In this new and unfamiliar town they meet Sam and Dean Winchester. The boys quickly become close friends, but how long will it take them to realize that what they have is stronger than just friendship? 

Destiel and Sabriel in this highschool au (and plenty of it!).

note: this is a safe fic :) 

also sorry i suck at descriptions

This whole paragraph is me as a human. And I'm gonna be a freshman next year so, this is honestly me
He's as straight as a line in my fücking hand writing. Yeah, I went there.
Excuse you, it's fanfiction green, get your future husbands eye color right
Well, not to burst your bubble, Cassie, but Dean is gayer than a rainbow and his best friend is a lesbian
Say that to you and Cas in the Janitor's closet. *runs away before Wattpad people can kill me*
Wow gabe, I know that you're gay and all, but that sure is a lot of rainbow