Misery   no ordinary rejection

Misery no ordinary rejection

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Sandra Wooley By SandraWooley Completed

Kyra was a popular, beautiful and kind person. She was best friends with the soon to be Alpha, Jason and his girlfriend Lisa. Jason is about to turn 21 and find out who his mate is. Lisa is terrified that it will not be her. Kyra promises to help her, no matter what happens. Then  Kyra's life is turned upside down the night of Jason's party. The next day she is in a new city with no family and no friends.

Kyra has to start her whole life over. When things are just starting to look up, the past comes calling and it looks like her heart will be torn apart again.

This book is PG-13. There will be some mild language and sexual content. The R-rated excerpts will be in the private chapters book. Vote, comment and follow.

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- - Feb 23
Lol. Was that a typo or did you just randomly changed the narration from third person to first?
DonnaLynn93 DonnaLynn93 Mar 20
Great start so far! 
                              Just a kind suggestion, the use of I and my, as if the story is being told from Kyra’s perspective and then using her name in the third person is kind of confusing and awkward :) I would probably stick with just her perspective. Great job!
Nonayour Nonayour Feb 21
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                              P.s I love this book adding it to my reading list shows that .
Rierie09 Rierie09 Aug 12, 2017
i am like it so far i can't wait to read more keep up the good work.
ayuya12345 ayuya12345 Apr 08
I thought when mates find each other thy forget any other girl thy loved
Kiki746 Kiki746 Dec 28, 2017
Ok, I get that the book is called "Misery no ordinary rejection" but this just sounds mean, rude, and selfish. 
                              I hate him and it's only the first chapter not including the prologue😤