Bound to You (Editing Slowly!)

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Cayleigh By DumDumPops4 Completed
Skye didn't really know what she was getting herself into that fateful night in the forest. But when a mysterious grey wolf comes to save her from a creepy man who talks as if he knows her, Skye's life is forever changed. She suddenly finds herself in the midst of a big pack of werewolves. To make matters worse, the alpha of the giant pack insists she's the one for him and that she won't be able to go back to her small New York apartment. Follow Skye on her adventure as she is thrown into the world of supernaturals and she realizes that maybe, just maybe, she didn't know her family as well as she thought she did.
are you serious. are asking that...!? are you not supposed to run for help or something. .!???? IMPOSSIBLE. .!!
Ahahaha I do the same thing I take walks at like 2 in the morning
"Who's there?"-" John, I'm going to kidnap and murder you, but don't be frightened!"
in all honesty I would've screamed my head off then start throwing stuff
loving this story so far.good description & keeping the reader interested
they aren't going to randomly come and say 'me, just going to kidnap and kill you. sorry for the scare.' .