Random Depressing poetry... yeah I know I'm depressing live with it!

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Fayte By FaytesAngel Updated 2 years ago
As the title suggests its random depressing poetry... and yeah I'm a depressing person... sorry?
dude....... aren't you peppy...
                                    well, you sure got me down.... but, screw it. nice work, keep it up!
                                    don't worry, i'm sure eventually you'll become so depressive, that by having a single glance of your poetry, people will commit mass suicides :D
                                    but for realzies, good job.
Hi there! I'm really into your poetry and I was just wondering that once I actually make this website I'm working on, if I could use some of your poetry. I'll give you full credit for everything. It's just going to be a websit for pretty much undiscovered talent and stuff. TayTay. Thanks(:
Don't worry, I'll be sure to read! It's very interesting how you put things in perspective. @FaytesAngel