Finding Happiness

Finding Happiness

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"Sir here is your card. I'll be on my way to my room. Good night sir, Ms. Collins have a wonderful night" He smiled at her and Jane replied him with a beautiful smile.

The smile I've been dying to see. Suddenly the smile faded when she saw me staring at her. "Where's my key? I need to rest" She asked John before he left and that question brought a goofy smile on my face.

"Sorry, Ms. Collins but Mr. Greenwood said you both will be sharing the penthouse" The shock on her face made me want to laugh out loud but her gaze. If only her gaze could kill. I'll be 6fts down by now.

"What!" She yelled. "Came down Jane. It's not as if we're going to share a bed" I replied nonchalantly. But that won't be a bad idea.

"You're unbelievable. You perv. Can't I have my space, gosh!" She said angrily. John noticed the tension between us and decided to walk away. He was about to leave but Jane stopped him again.

"John why don't you share a suite with Mr. Greenwood and I'll take your room," She said smiling like she solved a riddle.

John turned to look at me and I gave him the look 'say yes and I'm gonna kill you' 

"Ms. Collins don't worry you're going to be fine. Bye!" John said and rushed to his room. Good choice my friend, good choice. I turn to face Jane with a smile of satisfaction.

"Ms. Collins, I guess you're stuck with me," I said making her clench her teeth. "Am I allowed to sleep in their washroom. Trust me the last thing I wanna do is to share a space with you" She said and walked towards our suite.

We got inside and our luggage was brought up almost immediately. Jane took her luggage and entered her room without saying goodnight.

"Goodnight to you too, don't forget we have a meeting at 8 am," I said out loud for her to hear and she shut her door with force making a loud bang.

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