Soul Eater Boys X Reader

Soul Eater Boys X Reader

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Blaze Suites (Steph) By blazexsasuke Completed

So, I have been reading some of these and I now attempt to make my own. 
I don't own these sexy boys. I own your actions ;) XD
I own the plot of course
Please enjoy hopefully
Boys include:
Your partner: Jake Raney
WARNING: Contains Lemon in ending chapters and younger me's failures at writing.
Read at your own risk!

5/10/16 Update: 34.3k Reads! :O Oh my God! XD

5/10/16 Update: If you are reading this, there is another Soul eater boys x reader. That book is for edits since I wrote this when I was younger. So why not take a look at my new work? :)

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AnimeartGaming AnimeartGaming 6 days ago
Wouldnt it be more traumatizing but also amazing symmetry if it was 888,888?
wolf_luna101 wolf_luna101 Sep 25, 2017
Dual blade sythe or a sniper rifle????   Oh a dual blade sythe that can turn into a sniper rifle
djqkkfg djqkkfg Oct 08, 2017
It might as well be 88,888,888 (8 8s/eight eights)(not the fraction 8/8) because DtK just loves his symmetry😂 (like I kind of do because Ima perfectionist for some reason) also for the people will be like "It's I'm a not "Ima"" I did that on purpose bishes (bishes too)
Esorth Esorth Oct 02, 2017
Fun fact! My grandma actually named me,I have the exact same last and middle name ,my family has a different last name
AnimeEmpress15 AnimeEmpress15 Dec 12, 2017
King’s chastiefol (sacred weapon) from the seven deadly sins
_D0llFace_ _D0llFace_ Jan 08