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Character x Male!Reader

Character x Male!Reader

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Sweet Sinnamon Daddy By Choco_Bananas Updated Jan 29

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oR eLsE...

AdminTsunTsun_05 AdminTsunTsun_05 Oct 05, 2016
Me: *looks at Dylian* Which one do you think he's talking to?
                              Dy: Probably me, my dear.
                              Me: 😒 *walks away*
                              Dy: Just kidding! Please don't leave me!!!
You8Got8No8Jams You8Got8No8Jams Oct 13, 2016
Dean: of course I'm sexy~ *winks*
                              *sweatdrops* right.....*whispers* Ace is better.....XD
                              Dean: -_- bruh...Wolfie is sick so fudge you!
                              He's not a wolf!! 😡 
                              ((Since everyone is doing this XD))
6Foxtail9 6Foxtail9 Nov 29, 2016
My genderbend is sexy?
                              Victor: Don't I? Of course I'm better than you...
                              Shaddap you brat -,-
Ashley (THAT'S ME!!): *Gets out of emo corner* It's not like I wanted you to do this *Cough* Lemon *Cough* anyway *Blushing slightly with face turned away from you* ........... (TSUNDERE ASHLEY ACTIVATE!!)
I'm a potato wearing a Steven U t-shirt and you think I'm sexy. Ok.
Cam(male me): *gets up out of the emo corner happy*
                              Amirah(female me): SIT. DOWN.
                              Cam: *cries in emo corner*