True Blood Or True Love?

True Blood Or True Love?

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MissRedhead By MissRedhead Updated May 07, 2017

Sophie Reed moves to Bon Temps to live with her sister. She gets a job at Merlotte's and thinks the town is boring, but she couldn't be more wrong. She catches the attention of a vampire that everyone thinks is heartless- Eric Northman.

Could a vampire like him ever really love a human or is Sophie just another toy of his?


**DISCLAIMER: I do not own True Blood or any characters. This is only a fan fiction.

AnimeGirl_123 AnimeGirl_123 Aug 01, 2017
Yes it was so good but I thought Eric would get introduced later into the story but it's still goid
Shorty24_ Shorty24_ Nov 03, 2016
Sookie didn't really tell people this due to the fact they got defensive
Night_Thoughts_ Night_Thoughts_ Nov 15, 2016
This is actually amazing writing. I feel like this is actually what all the characters would say in the show if they were in this situation :) keep up the great work
MissRedhead MissRedhead Sep 03, 2015
Haha sorry! Yeah I guess that's true but she's upset because they are her parents after all and she almost attacked her mom, almost :P and she kind of couldn't control herself whereas Eric could...hope I explained myself well haha
                              thank you! x
FruityPebblez FruityPebblez Jul 27, 2015
ILYSM like I'm gonna cry I freaking love true blood and I have been waiting for so long for somebody to make a fan fiction about this I'm so happy rn
IWouldSayNaomi IWouldSayNaomi Dec 15, 2014
This is a great start, but I feel like it's lacking that... oompf to make it awesome. Maybe you could have the scenes flow together, it's kind of choppy your transitioning. But besides that, awesome work!