Taaron Ke Sheher Mein - A Pranbir FF

Taaron Ke Sheher Mein - A Pranbir FF

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Sara@Imperfect_Scribbler By Sara_imprfctScribblr Updated a day ago

A short emotional horror love story.

Sometimes winning seems impossible, and losing is not something you can afford. What will be the consequences? 

Two people-ready to sacrifice everything for each other. Two people- ready to love each other unconditionally. Two people- who fell prey to this heartless world. 

Two people- who love each other selflessly.Two people- who are separated to such an extent, that nothing can bring them back together-except one. 

A love story, as pure as snow, as selfless as the world is selfish, as unconditional as there are conditions behind every motive, as innocent as a newborn soul, as dark as the night itself, yet as strong and inevitable as the sunrays piercing the dark sky. A love story to be remembered till the time 'love' exists in this universe, and to be seen as a precedent beyond that time. 

Will these two people unite by the bond of their selfless love for each other? Or will they be snatched away from each other for forever? Will this 'one' thing be enough to unite them? Or will the price be too much?