Towards A New Life

Towards A New Life

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Sawada Tsunayoshi is the older twin brother of Sawada Jyuichi. Tsuna is constantly being bullied by him and everyone else. The twins are well known at school, though in different spotlights.

Jyuichi is favoured for his Charm, Good Grades, Athleticism and his so-called 'Good Attitude'. He was a 'Perfect Student' in everyone's eyes.

While Tsuna is the opposite of him. 'Dame-Tsuna' is his nickname. He is known for his Bad Grades, Bad Sportsmanship and Extreme Bad Luck. He was a 'Failure'.

But it was only a mask he has to put up to protect his brother. Tsuna was once stood alongside his brother on the same spotlight.

The twins does not really hate each other.

The Sawada Twins - one attention seeker and one raging in jealousy. But both are fighting to protect and keep each other.

But everything seem to change.

In just one accident, their life changed.

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KathleenEason KathleenEason Dec 30, 2016
fun fact baby's eyes are always blue when they are first born so you really wouldn't know what color Tsunayoshi's eyes are like until he was around 3 months old
Cursed_to_be_Souless Cursed_to_be_Souless Aug 09, 2016
Oh good. I'd be better if she actually knew about mafia the whole time. I like it when she's an airhead.
Sukikmu Sukikmu Dec 14, 2015
i just realised that Jyuichi means ten and one
                              author-san did you call him that becuz he is gonna be the tenth vongola heir (ten/jyu) and the eldest of the twins (one/ichi) ?_?
ciello_27 ciello_27 Mar 02, 2015
phew.I really don't want the innocent nana become an abusive mother.yokatta desu~~
silvermonkey456 silvermonkey456 Feb 19, 2015
Oh thank goodness I don't like it when that happens because she is super sweet
yukio00 yukio00 Dec 14, 2014
fheww, thought she's gonna be an abuser.. 
                              Thx author -chan