Married To Money

Married To Money

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Ordinary_Girl By Beautiful_Tragedy8 Updated Jan 02, 2016

I felt his presences in the room before I noticed him. He walked into the room gracefully and sat down opposite me.

“Hello Stella.” His voice sounding like delicate, smooth and rich caramel. 

“Mr. Pierson” I greeted.

Throughout the dinner I felt his beautiful emerald green eyes staring at me, making me want to look up and question him as to why he was doing so. But within half an hour I was running out of my family home chasing one of my friends who was fuming with anger. 

My friend and I had found out that Mr Pierson was at my house for dinner because we were both being informed of our arranged marriage. Great.

“Keep this in mind Stella, I DO NOT like sharing what’s mine.”

Stella Hartman, a strong willed and in depended women who wanted a simple life, but of course that didn't happen, with in  Three years since leaving high school, Stella and has felt more pain and loss compared to most Thirty year Old’s.

But when you begin with a dysfunctional family, add two best friends, subtract a friend, add a bi-polar husband, divide by pain, loss and suffering, what’s left in the end is Stella’s Life.

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Love_Dream_Smile Love_Dream_Smile Jun 05, 2016
how is she thirty when its been three years after she's left high school shouldn't she be like 21
TaylorRoss115 TaylorRoss115 Mar 03, 2016
I always get photos of characters and put them on my laptop so I have a visual and this was the exact photo I used.
mingyupie mingyupie Mar 19, 2016
Laura__1 Laura__1 Oct 25, 2014
Erghh Vince can go eat himself! But Stella and regan I love ❤️
Laura__1 Laura__1 Oct 10, 2014
Ooo this book is gonna be interesting! I love the start of it so far! ❤️