Smile On His Lips and Cuts On His Hips (Jalex)

Smile On His Lips and Cuts On His Hips (Jalex)

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What is the best way to keep a secret? “Tell it to everyone you know, but pretend you are kidding” – Lemony Snicket. 

It turned out that Snicket was painfully correct. By the time I reached P.E. after lunch on Monday, it was tipping over the edge of eighty degrees, and my red hoodie had been stuffed in the back of my locker since Brunch. 

I’d lost count of how many people had gaped at my arm with shocked expressions and open mouths, curious voices unsure of whether or not they wanted to know the answer asking, “Did you cut your arm?”

By third period, I’d gotten so fucking sick of repeating the same excuse that my sarcastic asshole side had leaked out. So, I’d been responding to my classmates appalled questions with something along the lines of, “Yes, I cut myself.”

There was a kind of sick humor to it – technically, I was telling the truth. Not that anyone would ever know it.

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Idk why but, first I read “I threw myself off the bed” lmao I can’t
My friend claims she’s a germaphobe but you have to remind her that she’s a germaphobe before she can be a germaphobe otherwise she’ll lick the floor
zacksjacket zacksjacket Jan 21
I’m about to reread this and realised I didn’t vote the first time when this is one of my favs
how do you talk to people you’ve never talked to before without being forced to