Crazy and Questionable

Crazy and Questionable

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dazed | and | confused By unonthjonsno Updated Aug 07, 2015

Stacey Harris, the woman with a bestseller dominating the Australian book market, is finally content with life and plans to remain that way. Her quirky boss Gavin presents her with a new mission: to deliver a spectacular view into Europe’s magnificent locations, squeezed into a glamorous edition of the Melbourne Residential. 

Being invited on an all-expenses paid work trip around Europe has never been more frustrating for the writer, especially when she’s forced to invite a friend. When the people in her circle, including her annoying and ever so loud sister Lindsey (who is already on the trip), her devoted half-brother Brodey and even her formerly estranged mother all say no, the writer takes an unexpected turn and invites a man with brooding features and Mediterranean blood. 

Mr. Macrides twists her life into unexpected directions in the oddest ways. He forces her to engage in the wine making process with a hair-raising Frenchman and exploring a Greek island with a goat named Lamb. Among other activities in striking locations, Mr. Macrides slips into her thoughts and influences her to begin considering herself and her future outside of writing. But he’s only the stepping stone to her new life.

The sequel to THE UNLIKELY COUPLE, it’s the return of the passionate and sassy writer, her rowdy family and a new wave of characters, each with their own weird and wonderful traits. We meet all these fantastic characters, but will we see the return of her former man?

Avoided eye contact with the bathroom? Is this an Aussie thing? xx
kissangel19 kissangel19 Mar 11, 2015
ahhhhhhhh lol I love how you word everything it's like I can really picture everything that's actually going on... ahhh love it
keroppi2471 keroppi2471 Jan 10, 2015
but I just wish that Stacey and Hal would get back together :((((
Lyricalprincess Lyricalprincess Oct 11, 2014
@RKKelly thank you for that... If I can think of some short stories in the next week or so I'll definitely seek out your help.
Lyricalprincess Lyricalprincess Oct 10, 2014
You're welcome. Glad to hear the next chapter is already going through the imaginative workshop in that mind of yours... I'll wait eagerly for it ☺
Lyricalprincess Lyricalprincess Oct 10, 2014
Ha if a guy offered me good free food, I'd like him in a second. Stavros and cornelius sound interesting, Trish I'm not so sure about, considering the circumstances of her appointment and everything. And for the record I want more as soon as possible.