Second Mate and Wife

Second Mate and Wife

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Dmp336 By Dmp336 Updated Oct 07, 2015

Life is never fair. I should know. My name is Jade. I am 22 years old and a wolf. I should say a rogue. I try to stay out of every packs way. So I live all over the place and take photos. It's my job and passion. I love it even though I get lonely. You might be wondering have I became a rogue. Well I used to be apart of a pack and loved. But when I turned 18, I found my 

mate. But he rejected me and I was crushed. That was not the worst part. My parents started to hate me and made my life horrible. I couldn't turn to the pack because I was afraid. I didn't know who to trust anymore. My friends turned there backs on me, too. I know I could only trust myself so I ran and know I'm a rogue that travels the world. This time I'm headed to the pack house in Alaska. There is one pack there and the pack is as big as the state. I am going to talk to the alpha first so it doesn't cause trouble. A rogue is always seen as a threat. It's not fair to be judged this way but its for the safety of the ...

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