Passionate, Jimmy Darling.

Passionate, Jimmy Darling.

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FANFICTION By evanandthediamonds Completed

"I think I love you." I whisper.
"I think I love you too." He says putting 
his arm around me.

In 1952, Jupiter, Florida is struck with its worst run of bad luck and it all falls on Renee Kelly.

© 2014 evanandthediamonds

Started October Eighth Two Thousand Fourteen
Ended January Twenty Second Two Thousand Fifteen

EmusONLaptops EmusONLaptops Nov 25, 2016
d*formed? Dont use ableist language how dare you what the h*ck
evanandthediamonds evanandthediamonds Mar 10, 2015
@Kyranicole713 suffer? oh god no I loved yours so much! it was godlike. and tysm!♡
Kyranicole713 Kyranicole713 Mar 10, 2015
this is sooo good already!! i love your writing style! how did you even suffer through my story? haha
evanandthediamonds evanandthediamonds Jan 27, 2015
@unfairmiga thank you so so much! isn't Shailene so amazing? you're so sweet!
kiIIerqueens kiIIerqueens Jan 27, 2015
This is so interesting and the way you write is so addicting - I'm pretty sure I'll be hooked in no time.
kiIIerqueens kiIIerqueens Jan 27, 2015
Finally starting this book! Amazing work, I must say, and it's only the first chapter! Can't wait to see what surprises the other ones have to offer... Also I love Shai so I think you have made a FANTASTIC choice on who should play the main character. Love it!